Unreleased Desert Combat Maps

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Unreleased Desert Combat Maps

Post by Jim2102 on Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:10 pm

Title says it all. These were some really awesome maps that the DC Devs never included in the full mod release for whatever reason. I think these are very awesome, so I'm reviving them by sharing them here with you guys. How did I get these? Well, a few days ago I contacted a DC Final tester from 2003/2004 by the name of "myne", and he sent me a bunch of unreleased Desert Combat/DC Final content (including the maps) that he had kept over the years. Keep in mind that I DID NOT make these, they were made by the DC Devs back when DC and DC Final was still in development. And yes, I did get permission from myne to upload these, he said "at this point, go for it, its been over 10 years". Again, special thanks to him for digging through his old harddrives and sending me this great stuff! Smile

DC BeachInvasion - A nice map similar to Omaha Beach
DC Five Inch Friday - An open map with a few docks, factories, a carrier, would be fun for inf and dogfighting
DC Hot Sand - Big open desert map with a few outposts scattered across the map
DC Iraqi Dam - Unfinished map, but has a very cool dam, similar to the one from Kubra Dam in BF2
DC Liberation Of Kuwait - Probably my favorite, a big city with lots of cool buildings and tanks
First Light (Old Version) - Old version of DC First Light before it was included in DC Final

Download Links(UPDATE, v2 is out! Updated version of DC Hot Sand added, and fixed the grey tent textures in the US base on First Light):
mediafire.com file/cazigpeksv14...+DC+Maps+v2.rar


Have fun, and see you on the battlefield! Very Happy


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